We organise your learning – efficiently




An elegant, function-rich solution tailored to your needs. Competency is documented and data stored.

The system is really intuitive and easy to use, both for the administrator and the learner.

Learning should be fun and everybody should be happy. No hidden costs, no installation, no frustration.

Content and solutions

Course Builder

Make your own learning path. Combine different types of learning. A very flexible and user friendly tool.

Reports and data

The report tool is based on the fact that Munio LMS stores a lot of data. We use xAPI/TinCan so that no data goes to waste.


Invite your users to a learning path, be it a single course or a major curriculum. Self enrollment is also an option.

Reminders and expiration

Munio LMS includes a flexible reminder tool. Reminders can be sent out at different times, for different user groups for different courses.

Roles and competency

Curricula and roles can be combined, making it easy to plan and follow up on which people need which competency.

Munio Market / courses catalogue

Packaged content

Why re-invent the wheel? Munio Market is the place you buy off the shelf courses and distribute them to those who need the knowledge.

Tailor made e-learning – We make your courses for you!
For us, quality is not just a word, but a philosophy.