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Make e-learning and other electronic elements with standard software (Adobe, Articulate, Microsoft etc.) and distribute them to your people with Munio LMS. Easy to set up, easy to use. We do not force you to use specific authoring tools, we want you to use whichever you prefer.

  • xAPI/TinCan (SCORM can be switched on if needed)
  • PDF, Powerpoint, EPUB
  • Revision control
  • Unlimited no. of languages per learning element
  • External links
  • Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, MP4 and more…

ILT / classroom

You can plan, organise, keep track of and document any instructor led training you might have. The tool also enables instructors to do roll-calls, have sessions in different languages and over any length or period of time. Combine this with e-learning or other learning. Effective learning!

  • Multiple physical locations
  • Capacity calculation
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Sessions in multiple languages
  • Roll-calls
  • Self enrollment

Miscellaneous learning

Do you want an overview of education/certification your people might have? Do you need to document other types of learning? Munio LMS lets you upload, keep track of and document all sorts of learning. You choose whether these should be mandatory or voluntary.

  • Upload certificates, diplomas etc.
  • Let people upload themselves, or let an administrator do it
  • Approval by administrator
  • Choose from a pre-defined list of educations, apprenticeships and certifications *

Course builder

Tailor your own training packages. Combine different types of learning if you wish. Start with an e-learning course everybody must go through before they can attend classroom training. Plan and carry out the session and conclude with an online exam. It´s entirely up to you. A very flexible and user friendly tool.

  • E-learning (xAPI/TinCan)
  • PDF, Powerpoint
  • ILT / classroom
  • Upload any certificate / diploma
  • Unlimited number of languages per learning element
  • Revision control


As an administrator you need to enroll your users to a learning path, be it a single course or a major curriculum. This tool includes both a push part where you actively invite, allocate remind and follow up users, and a pull part where users can enroll, participate and feed back on learning products.

  • Self enrollment
  • Single registration
  • Mass registration
  • Invitations in several languages
  • Integrated with the Role tool

Departments and roles

The learning platform is built on curricula, roles and departments. These can be combined, so it´s easy to plan and follow up on which people need what competency. A role or department can have one or several learning elements attached. This is functionality that simplify administration.

  • Link courses or other learning elements to roles and departments
  • Link role/department to an invitation
  • Integrated with the enrollment functionality
  • Link a user to role/department

Reminders and expiration

Munio LMS includes a flexible reminder tool. Reminders can be sent at different points in time when a diploma is about to expire. You can also activate reminders if a user don´t finish a required learning task.

  • Determine expiration on any learning element
  • Different expiration times different groups of people
  • Reminders on SMS or e-mail
  • Reminders in several languages

Munio Access

In cooperation with major industrial entreprises, we have constructed a fundamental security clearance. This covers most HSE requirements put on the industries. Combine this with specific company or site requirements, and you have a major HSE training package ready. Just like that.

  • Fundamental HSE training out of the box
  • Special learning modules like liquid metal, working at heights, dust, noise etc. included in the package
  • Adapt requirements to different sites if necessary
  • Pre-qualification of subcontractors

E-commerce/Munio Market

Buy learning elements, sell learning elements, share learning elements. All elements are quality assured by us and keep high standards.

  • A lot of packaged content
  • Can be combined with your own, internal elements
  • Sell your courses to others
  • Use Munio Market to share your expertise

Extra functionality

For the developer

E-commerce – NOK 4,990 / year

BankID – NOK 4,990/ year *

Sale of ILT – NOK 1.290 / mo.

SMS – usage

Premium support – 3.990 / mo.

Tin Can API / xAPI

Intuitivt REST API – easy to integrate

No installation – this is a SaaS

Otherwise very little you have to do