As an administrator you need to enroll your users. Munio consists of both a «push» part where you actively invite people, and a «pull» part where users enroll themselves.

Mass invitations

This type of enrollment is typically used when you have many courses that needs to be distributed to many people, or when you want new users into your system.

Add courses from your list, send them to whomever you want to learn something, and they’ll get an invitation with a direct link to the LMS and content.

Super easy!

Self enrollment

Sometimes the users themselves know what they must or want to learn. Activate self enrollment on any courses package, and they’ll be automatically accessible to your people. You can make self enrollment accessible to employees, sub contractors, visitors or a combination of these.

Single enrollments

Choose users from a list and enroll them with a click. You can search and filter before you choose, making this very easy.

You can also enroll a specific user to many courses if you wish.

Automatic enrollment

By utilizing the Role tool, you can automate it all. Assign your users to roles, and put courses on the role. All users will get the correct courses on their account. This tool is integrated with the Notification tool, so everybody knows when a new competency is added to a role.