Munio LMS introduces: Film and external links

Munio LMS introduces the possibility to distribute films an external links. You can now build learning paths that contains videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc., as well as links to external (and educational) websites. Everything is tracked in Munio LMS. All can be combined with any other type of learning element.


To keep things simple and stable, it can be a good idea to upload your films to somebody who are good at stuff like streaming. Munio LMS supports YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Streamable and many more…

Your own films

Do you want control over your own content and host it yourself? No problem! Munio LMS supports MP4 from any source.


There is little learning gained by skipping to the end of a film. Munio LMS tracks everything a user does when watching a film. You will not be approved without seeing through the entire film! Another benefit with our tracking, is that the user can jump back and forth in the film, and with a simple click go to the parts not watched yet.

External links

There are a lot of educational websites out there. Why not plan and facilitate for your users visiting some of these? Munio LMS will track their visits of course…