HSE course

 Production: HSE safety course
 Target audience: Employees and subcontractors at Hafslund
 Duration: 55 minutes
 Cost control: Delivered within estimate
 Progress control: Delivered on time

Examples of issues faced and resolved in the project

Company structure

Hafslund ran one project for three different companies within the group. It was decided early on that they wanted one common module covering the fundamentals, and then branch out to three different modules covering the specific HSE requirements in each company. The learner is qualified across the companies through the common module, and the specific modules are taken when needed. In Munio LMS you can have specific modules connected to any level of the organisational hierarchy. All competency follows the user, no matter where it is obtained.

Standard elements

In this (and other) projects, we use “semifinished” modules to obtain a precise, efficient and affordable production. Most HSE courses contain many similar elements, no matter who the customer is. The use of personal protective equipment, working at heights, dust, noise and vibrations are some examples. We adapted these building blocks to the customer, and voilà – an adapted HSE course at a lower cost. We have produced a lot of HSE training, so this is something we know.

Other resources

The learner often needs access to other resources from within the course player. This was also needed by Hafslund. We can add a myriad of file types and URLs in the course, so that they´re accessible while you run a course. Hafslund chose to add detailed instructions, a form for Work Permit, a handbook and a link to the legislation.