Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Do you know that you in Munio LMS can plan, register and keep track of courses held by an instructor? A course can be held at different locations, in different languages and at different times, and still be registered towards the same competency! The participants chooses themselves when and where they wish to attend.


To carry out Instructor Led Training, you need a physical location. Locations in Munio LMS are integrated with Google Maps. This makes it easy for the participants to locate the course facility.


A course can be held several times in several languages and at different times. The participants choose which session suits their schedule best.


The instructor decides which participants that showed up and are qualified to receive a diploma.

Blended learning

Instructor Led Training can be combined with e-learning. The participant can for instance first go through an e-learning module, sign up for an ILT session and wrap things up with a web-exam.