Learning Paths and Course Builder

A package of courses (or a learning path) can be comprised of many different learning elements. It can contain digitally distributed content, Instructor Led Training or previously completed learning. In Munio LMS you can combine elements as you see fit!

Digital content

A package can be constructed using any of the learning elements in this list. You can specify whether an element should be obligatory or not. You can also decide if the sequence of elements are set or not.

Include any course package you have constructed already, and you have a strong and flexible tool to make even complex learning paths.


Munio LMS lets you deliver the same competency in several languages. A problem you often face, is that you must remember that two courses in two different languages are actually the same competency. In Munio we let you make several “language paths” that all give the same competency. The user then decides which language he or she prefers at play-back.

Blended learning

The best learning often combines several learning methods. In Munio you can combine classroom education with e-learning and practical training. You can make packages that that uses “self-studies” on the web and videos on Youtube. Everything is easy to add and combine.

Version control

Learning paths in Munio LMS are fully version controlled. When you change a path, you can decide whether the change requires a re-set of all ongoing attempts or not. You can also track user’s versions.