Munio Access

With Munio Access we introduce a tailored solution for industrial clusters, industrial parks and factory sites. The main point of the solution is to rationalise, improve and secure the entrance and clearance processes. Welcome to the digitisation of the value chain!


Set up the structure of your zones. You can have as many levels as you wish. If you’re in a cluster, requirements from this will be inherited down to you. If you have tenants, your requirements will be inherited down to them.


Put requirements on zones. Completely as you wish. Included instructor led training or familiarisation tours. Requirements you set will automatically build a to-do list for everyone who wants to gain access to your site.

Do you have special risk areas in the factory? Select modules from Munio Access to Industry.

Munio Access to Industry

If you’re onboard, Munio Access to Industry is included for all your employees. Access to Industry is a joint project for the industries, and provides a common training package that covers both basic HSE and more specific risk areas.

So far, the clearance processes have been cumbersome, complex and time consuming (expensive, in other words). Access to Industry standardise and simplify for anyone who wants a job done.

For the end user

The person who wants perform work at your site will be presented with all companies that are a part of this solution. After selecting an entry zone for which the user wants access, a list of what needs to get done will be presented. Very easy, very safe!


In the instance somebody registers at a gate or you enrol somebody at it, you’ll see to which extent they comply with your requirements. With a single glance you can see who’s cleared, and which requirements are not met, if any.

Requisitioning and access control

Being built now, is a fully integrated solution for requisitioning and connection to access control systems. Together with all of the above, this will give a seamless experience for all parts of the value chain. A small part of Industry 4.0 in practice!