Other forms of learning and competency

Munio LMS lets you handle and plan other forms of learning and competency. Certificates, apprenticeships, diplomas and really anything should and can be kept track of.


You shall be able to keep track of any competency in Munio. That is why there is a section dedicated to learning that has taken place outside the company or in other forms than e-learning.


You can let your people register and upload diplomas themselves, or you as an administrator can do it for them. You can also add requirements to roles. Easy to document, easy to spot gaps!


You can decide whether a competency is of such importance that an administrator must approve a user before the competency is confirmed. The administrator has a one-click access to whatever the user has uploaded.


The Reminder functionality works just as with other learning elements. If anyone requires something of you, you’ll get an e-mail telling you so. Click the link in the message, register your competency and get approved. Easy and straightforward!