Recertification of firework retailers

 Production: Course for recertification of firework retailers
Target audience: Certified firework retailers that need to renew their certificate
 Duration: 3 hours
Cost control: Delivered within estimate
Progress control: Delivered on time

Examples of issues faced and resolved in the project


The Norwegian Fire Protection Association (NFPA) required authentication of participants, so BankID is implemented in the solution. This functionality is now available to all our LMS customers. NFPA also required that the participant had an existing certificate, and this was solved by integrating Munio LMS to NFPA´s certificate database.

Control questions

When you have an e-learning course that lasts for a while, it´s especially important to have control questions. It is very frustrating for a learner not to know at what level he or she is supposed to retain the information received. Especially so when being presented laws and regulations. And frustrated learners learn less. In this project, we present control questions regularly. A quick test before you switch subjects is always a good idea 🙂

Many stakeholders

It´s a pedagogical challenge when the end product has a lot of stakeholders. For the firework course some of those are salespersons, retailer, fire department, The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, insurance companies, buyer, bystander, etc., etc. Many stakeholders with quite different interests. A salesperson is for example trained to advice the buyer, which is important for both buyer and and bystander (or the fire department for that matter).