Scaffolding course

 Production: Scaffolding course (up to 9 meters)
 Target audience: All workers who assemble, alter, control and dismantle scaffolding
 Duration: 7 hours, 30 minutes
 Cost control: Delivered within estimate
 Progress control: Delivered on time

Examples of issues faced and resolved in the project


No matter the recipient, visualization works. Reading large amounts of text on screen isn’t agreeable (nor interesting) for anyone. For people with reading difficulties, it is essential that you get the message through without too much text. The Norwegian Contractors Association has focused on this issue in the project.


In the project The Contractors Association was very concerned with the relevance of the content. The subject matter should be (and be perceived as) relevant. When doing HSE training, you cannot just cite and present the theory, you must also show what, why and how to perform a task.


In the project, we used real people with real stories. This is especially effectful in training where compliance is important and the consequences of mistakes are severe.