E-learning production

For Munio “quality” is not just a word, it is a philosophy. A philosophy that makes us plan for quality in all our endeavours, and continuously improve. Safety and security is all about quality. Learning is all about quality. We act accordingly. No matter the size of the project.

Munio AS has been doing e-learning since 1999 for a wide range of customers. We produce e-learning spanning from short, simple learning elements to complex learning programmes with film, gaming elements and in several languages.

 Adapted standard

We have a wide range of adaptable learning modules. You gain access to our production apparatus in an quick, efficient and cost-effective way. We have templates, content and know what we´re doing, you know what you want and wish for. A good match 🙂

By experience, we know that an e-learning module with a duration of app. 30 minutes will cost between 50.000 and 150.000 NOK to produce. Professional speak included.

Some examples of projects we´ve done for customers: