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Make sure no one ever arrives unprepared at your gates again.

Managing zones and requirements


An industrial park or a factory can have a number of different zones, including hazardous areas, physically separate areas, hazardous areas within physically separate areas ... you might think this complicates access management, but it’s actually quite simple. Just ask yourself the following questions: What do things look like here? Where are the gates, the factories, the card readers? What areas are susceptible to something going wrong?

You know your risk profile and the physical structure of your facility. To ensure safety and efficiency, we help you set up zones, but only as many as necessary.

Operators of industrial parks want to offer their tenants flexibility while maintaining control, and Munio Access provides the means to do both. You let your customers set up their own zones as needed, but they do this under a comprehensive structure that you define, establishing a uniform, effective solution for everyone involved.

Digitalization goes far beyond just a few emails here and there, but don’t worry, because automation is our thing and we’ve got your back. Once it’s ready to go, Munio Access will save you all those unnecessary manual steps.



Munio Access gives you complete freedom when it comes to setting up training requirements for all zones, whether you choose eLearning, certificates of attendance for classroom training or on-site safety briefings. And any requirements you define for a zone will automatically generate a to-do list for everyone who wants to access that zone.

Munio also organizes classroom training courses with instructors (Instructor-Led Training, ILT for short). Participants can register for courses on fixed dates, plus the instructors can see who will be attending their courses.

Save time without losing control: Users can upload any external verifications you may require into the system themselves, for example when they have signed up for a safety briefing. And you can define whether the verification documents have to be approved by an administrator first.



Access to Industry


Whether or not you have fences and gates, risk barriers are something you will always need. And we’ve got the first one all ready for you. When you decide to use Munio Access, Access to Industry is included for all of your employees.

Access to Industry is a series of courses covering all the basic, general content necessary for working safely at an industrial site. The story behind this product of ours is simple. We created general safety training courses for a large number of factories and sites, and we found a great deal of overlap in the content. The rules of gravity, for example, apply to every single one of us, with no exceptions.

In the next step, we convinced several large industrial sites to participate in a joint project. We created general courses combining content that applies to all sites and industries with the option of configuring additional sections for certain risks that don't apply to everyone, like molten metal or machines with rotating parts.


Linking zones to Access to Industry

You can define Access to Industry as a requirement for one or more zones. If you position the requirement at the top of the zone hierarchy, the course is also defined as a requirement for all zones below that level as well.

It’s important to keep in mind that the only mandatory module is the General Safety Guidelines module. Why? Because special risks like molten metal are not necessarily relevant for all zones. Additional modules can be added for each zone, but requirements that have been defined for a higher-level zone cannot be left out of any zones below.


Access requisition and control

Access requisition

Do you need even more control or stricter requirements for a certain zone? Munio Access allows you to set up an additional barrier by making an access requisiton a prerequisite, at no additional cost to you, of course.

Let’s take an example: A project manager at a factory has to staff an inspection shutdown, and he needs personnel from another company. In this case, he submits an access requisition for that company and its personnel for a certain period of time. (Did you know this can be done very quickly using our interfaces with the Norwegian Brønnøysundregistrene business register and international business registries?)

The individuals are then only granted access when there is a access requisition AND they meet all of the specifications you have defined for that zone.


Access Control

This means that someone is only granted access if there is an access requisition (if you have defined it as such) and if all requirements are met by the individual.

Just connect Munio Access to your access control system and card readers, and it is seamlessly integrated in your system. Future access attempts could go like this: The card system asks Munio Access, “Well, what about this person?” and Munio responds with either “Everything is in order” or “No, no access”.

The system is set up to handle both cloud-based and locally stored access requests.

Munio has carried out a number of system integration projects, and customers with the same systems benefit from our experiences.

Ready-to-use integration solutions are already available for systems from:

Everything under control & at your fingertips

Who shows up at the entrance to a zone? Who has access requisitions? Who already meets the requirements for a particular zone, and who still needs courses or certificates, and which ones do they need?

You can easily see and manage this information in the status view of Munio Access. Here you can create access requisitions or change the assignment of people to specific zones. Different requirements generally apply to people who work in a zone on a continuous basis than to those who only need to enter that zone for a specific activity.