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Combining different learning methods

Digital content

With Munio LMS you can create eLearning courses and other electronic learning elements using standard software (Adobe, Articulate, Microsoft, etc.) and make them available to staff and visitors. The setup and operation are incredibly easy. When you have Munio LMS, you don’t need to learn how to use complicated writing tools, because we think it’s important for you to be able to work with software and systems you are familiar with.

Our system is compatible with the following formats:

  • xAPI/TinCan
  • Video
  • PDF
  • Powerpoint
  • EPUB
  • External links / other websites


Classroom training with instructors

Munio LMS helps you plan courses with instructors and manage registrations. A course can be held at different locations, in different languages and on different dates, but it always delivers the same content. The participants then decide when and where they want to take the course.

When you use Munio LMS, you can:

  • Plan and hold courses
  • Manage teaching locations
  • Limit the number of participants
  • Integrate Google Maps
  • Have sessions in multiple languages
  • Determine who is present at courses
  • Create and manage participant information
  • Create appendices and teaching materials


Integrate external qualifications

What if you could always have an overview of all of the qualifications of all users right at your fingertips, including those acquired externally? Munio LMS includes a dedicated section for exactly this purpose. There is a place for qualifications that were acquired outside the company or obtained through eLearning. You can enter, manage and track certificates, skilled worker credentials, letters of reference, certificates of participation and much more.

You decide whether you want to give users the opportunity to upload their certificates themselves, but you retain control by simply defining a certain qualification as requiring approval by the administrator.

Alternatively, as the administrator, you can choose to simply upload the documents yourself.

You can also link qualification requirements to specific functions. This makes documentation easier and you see any discrepancies immediately!

The notifications work in the same way as for other learning elements. If a user doesn’t have the required documentation, you can remind them. The user receives an email, clicks on the link, enters the qualification and is then activated. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.


Learning paths and blended learning

A course package or learning path may contain many different learning elements. With Munio LMS, you can combine digital content, classroom instruction, practical training and previously conducted training courses however you want!

In our globalized world, offering qualification courses in multiple languages is more or less a must. Munio LMS allows you to create multiple language paths that all lead to the same qualification. The user decides for themselves the language they want to use to learn.

Learning works best when you combine different teaching methods. With Munio, you can combine classroom courses with eLearning and practical training, or create self-study packages with websites and YouTube videos. You can easily combine all of these elements with one another.


Targeted transfer of knowledge

Signing up for courses

In Munio LMS, you can control how users access the courses you offer. You can send an invitation inviting people to participate, specifying exactly who should take which course. Or you can have your users take a more active approach by giving them the opportunity to sign up themselves.

Mass registration: You can use this function to simultaneously register several people for a course or to create new users in your system. Select one of your courses and send it to the desired participants. They receive an invitation with a direct link to the platform and content. We make it incredibly easy for you!

Self-enrollment: Sometimes a user knows what course they need or would like to take. You have the possibility of individually configuring the self-enrollment option for each course package, which allows you to automatically make specific courses available to your users. Plus you can decide who is allowed to sign up on their own: Is this reserved for internal staff, or can external personnel do it as well? And what about visitors? You can also combine user groups however you want.

Single registration: Select the user from a list and register them in a single click. This function is very easy to use with the search function and filters. You can also assign several courses to a single user here.

Automatic registration: You can also automate the entire process using the feature of roles. You define different roles, assign a role to users according to their function and then assign specific courses to the roles. Then every user with this role has access to the right courses. And the practical notification system informs everyone when new courses are available for a role.




Reminders and validity

We equipped Munio LMS with a flexible message tool. The system uses it to send reminders at various points, for example if a certificate is about to expire or a user did not complete their respective course within the specified timeframe.

You can define different validity periods for different user groups. Specify whether you want them to be reminded by text message or by email. Remind users if they have been inactive for too long a time.

You always have an overview of all reminders sent by the system. You can filter, search and sort so you can see immediately if there is someone who needs, let’s say, a little more personal attention. You can also filter by individual courses, departments, companies and types of reminders. And you can export the overview to Excel. 🙂



Creating overviews and analyses


Qualifications: Munio LMS helps you keep track of all of the qualifications registered for your users in the system, not only for your employees, but also for external staff or visitors subject to your qualification requirements. The overview contains detailed information on courses/qualifications, certificates, on the company that has defined the requirements, the date of participation, the period of validity, etc. All data can be filtered, combined and exported to Excel and other formats.

User status: You can also analyze how far along your users are in completing the courses you invited them to take. When users have been invited to take a course for a particular qualification (either based on their role, for a zone, by direct request or by self-enrollment), you can view their progress in the process. Options for filtering and exporting are available here as well.


All of your learning data is collected using xAPI and stored in your company’s LRS (Learning Record Store) in Munio LMS. This provides you with additional options for analyzing in detail and recording all types of learning data.

You can also export this data to other systems as desired.




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