We’re right at home in the industrial sector

Most of our customers are very, very big, with large numbers of internal and external staff. And they work in areas where things could go terribly wrong, but really, truly shouldn’t. We help them make sure that doesn’t happen, and we do it as effectively as humanly possible.


Yara manufactures nitrogen-based products at Herøya. The facility has both Europe’s and Yara’s largest capacities for the production of complete complex fertilizers using the nitrophosphate process. It includes an ammonia factory, three nitric acid factories and a calcium nitrate factory.

Yara Glomfjord has four production units: two nitric acid factories, a complete complex fertilizer factory and a calcium nitrate factory. Ammonia deliveries are loaded at the facility’s own port, and ships are loaded with finished fertilizer products, in bulk or pre-packaged.

Yara was a key partner in the development of Munio Access and Access to Industry, as were Herøya Industripark, INEOS and Bilfinger Industrial Services. Munio has also produced commercial courses for Yara International.


INEOS and INOVYN belong to INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe, the largest business unit in the INEOS Group with approximately 3,700 employees, approximately 300 of whom are working in Norway.

INEOS/INOVYN are development partners of Munio Access and Acccess to Industry, and they use the system both for their own employees and for external personnel.

Bilfinger Industrial Services Norway AS

Bilfinger Industrial Services Norway AS, with its headquarters in Porsgrunn, belongs to the German Bilfinger SE Group, one of Europe’s leading industrial services companies.

Bilfinger was also a partner in the development of Munio Access. They use Munio LMS for internal training, but we have also collaborated in the production of commercial content. And Bilfinger even has its own internet shop for HSE training courses.


Elkem’s activities span the entire value chain from quartz to specialized silicon products. The company also produces ferrosilicon and carbon materials.

Elkem uses Munio LMS in all its factories in Norway and Iceland.


Alcoa came to Norway in 1962 as part of a cooperation with Elkem ASA. Together they operated a smelter in Lista and one in Mosjøen. Today, these two facilities are fully owned by Alcoa and are operated solely by hydroelectric power. The smelter on Lista utilizes its own derivative of the Soderberg electrode, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the smelter, Alcoa also operates an anode factory in Mosjøen.

Alcoa uses Munio LMS for HSE courses for internal staff and external personnel.