We’re right at home in the industrial sector

Most of our customers are very, very big, with large numbers of internal and external staff. And they work in areas where things could go terribly wrong, but really, truly shouldn’t. We help them make sure that doesn’t happen, and we do it as effectively as humanly possible.


ExxonMobil’s refinery at Slagentangen in Tønsberg, which began operations in 1961, is nicely sheltered in the Oslofjord inlet. The refinery processes crude oil mainly from the North Sea into petroleum products for consumers and industry.

The refinery was one of our first customers, and the discussions about their needs and requirements were invaluable to us in developing a system for the industrial sector.

Nippon Gases

Nippon Gases is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial and specialty gases and dry ice. They also offer the installation and maintenance of gas-related technical equipment. In Scandinavia, Nippon Gases has over 3,000 employees, several air gas factories, filling stations, sales offices and a dry ice factory. They are represented in 170 locations by their extensive network of dealers.

Nippon Gases produces HSE courses with Munio for internal staff, external personnel and drivers. They also developed courses designed to be sold, and use Munio’s system as an online shop to sell them.


Nelfo is a member association of the employer’s association NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise), which organizes electrical, communications technology and elevator companies and system integrators. The association was founded in 1913 and views itself as a proactive, employer-oriented, economic policy organization.

Nelfo uses Munio’s systems to produce its own content, to distribute said content to its member companies and as a partner for compiling content.

Hydro Energi

Hydro Energi is Norway’s biggest producer of hydroelectric power. The main production sites are located in Telemark, Vennesla, Røldal-Suldal and Sogn.

For Hydro Energi, we produced a special HSE course for employees and external personnel, which is distributed and managed using Munio LMS.